-------Any Time--------

Beer Never Broke My Heart- L. Combs

Mr. Brightside- The Killers

You Should Probably Leave- C. Stapleton

Ain't Talkin Bout Love- V. Halen

Wish I Knew You- Revivalists

I Will Buy You a New Life- Everclear

As It Was- H. Styles

Can't Buy Me Love- Beatles

Fortunate Son- CCR

Sail- AWOL Nation

Red Red Wine- UB40

Talk Dirty to Me- Poison

Wonderwall- Oasis 

Have You Ever Seen the Rain?- CCR

Take Me Home(Country Road)- J. Denver

The Joker- S. Miller

Copperhead road- S. Earl

Need You Tonight- INXS

Why Do You Build Me Up(Buttercup)- Foundations

On the Road Again- W. Nelson

Pretty Woman- R. Orbison

Learnin to fly- T. Petty

Into the Mystic- V. Morrison

Crazy little thing called love- Queen

Neon Moon- B. & Dunn

Sweet Caroline- N. Diamond

Whats Up- 4 N. Blondes

Just What I Needed- Cars

Wave on Wave- P. Green

Around the Bend- CCR

Dock o the bay- O. Redding

Last Kiss- P. Jam            

Mary Jane's last dance- T. Petty

Stir it up- B. Marley

I will survive- Cake/Gaynor

Faith- G. Michael

Superstitious- S. Wonder

What I Got- Sublime

Love Song- 311

Beautiful Disaster- 311

Stolen Dance- M. Chance

Another One Bites the dust- Queen

Free Fallin- T. Petty

You Shook Me All Night Long- AC/DC

Aint no sunshine- B. Withers

Bad fish- Sublime

Santeria- Sublime

Save Tonight- E.E. Cherry

Just like heaven- Cure

Hotel California- Eagles

Ring of Fire- J. Cash

Folsom Prison- J. Cash

Fight 4 Right- B. Boys

500 Miles(I'm Gonna Be)- Proclaimers

Small Things- Blink 182

Sweater Song- Weezer

Breakfast at Tiffany's- D. B. Something

Blister in Sun- V. Femmes          

The Way You make me feel- M. Jackson

Sharp Dressed Man- ZZ Top

You Never Even Call Me By My Name- D. A. Coe

I Won't Back Down- T. Petty

American Girl- T. Petty

Should I stay or should I go- Clash

Family Tradition- H. Williams Jr.

Brown Eyed Girl- V. Morrison

Under the Bridge- RHCP

Creep- Radiohead/R. Cheese

7 Nation Army- White Stripes            

Proud Mary- T. Turner

Wagon Wheel- D. Rutger

Amarillo By Morning- G. Strait

Friends In Low Places- G. Brooks   

Some Kind of Wonderful- GF Railroad

Don't Stop Believing- Journey

Tennessee Whiskey- C. Stapleton

----------Trio Stuff----------

Pony- Genuwine

Basketcase- Greenday

Good- BTEzra

Kiss- Prince

Stacy's Mom- FoWayne

Tyler- Toadies

Possum Kingdom- Toadies

Let's Go- The Cars

(I can't get no) Satisfaction- R. Stones

Listen To Her Heart- T. Petty

You don't know how it feels- T. Petty

You wreck me- T. Petty

Sweet Home Alabama- L. Skynrd

Simple Man- L. Skynrd

Honky Tonk Women- R. Stones

La Bamba/Twist N shout- R. Valens/Beatles

Short Skirt Long Jacket- Cake

D'yer M'ker- L. Zeppelin

Hey Hey What Can I Say- L. Zeppelin

Santa Monica- Everclear

Dead or alive- B. Jovi

Betterman- P. Jam

Knockin on Heaven- GNR

3 little Birds- B. Marley

Everlong- FooFighters

We Will Rock You- Queen

We Are the Champions- Queen

Wrong Way- Sublime

Beggin'- Maneskin

Dammit- Blink 182

Dani California- RHCP

What's Left of the Flag- F. Molly

Semi-charmed Life- 3rd Eye Blind

Wrong Way- Sublime

Give it Away- RHCP

Train in Vain- Clash

In the Meantime- Spacehog

In Cars- G. Numan

Rebel Yell- B. Idol

White Wedding- B. Idol

House is a Rockin- SRV

She Sells Sanctuary- The Cult

Ever Rose Has Its Thorn- Poison

-------5-Piece (Full Band) Stuff---

Call Me- Blondie

Material Girl- Madonna

Lovefool- The Cardigans

Man I feel Like a Woman- S. Twain

All That She Wants- Ace of Base

Baby one More Time- B. Spears

Under Pressure- Queen

My Own Worst Enemy- Lit

I Love Rock and Roll- J. Jett

Jessie's Girl- R. Springfield

Love Rollercoaster- RHCP

---------Duo Only--------

Cream- Prince                

Baby I love Your Way- P. Frampton

Crazy- Seal

No Excuses- AIC

Budapest- G Ezra

No woman no cry- B. Marley

About a girl- Nirvana

Don't be cruel- Elvis

Land down under- M. A. Work

Forever and Ever- R. Travis

Sleepwalk- S & Johnny

The Promise- W. I. Rome

Desire- U2

The Way- Fastball

Tainted Love- S. Cell       

I Can't Help Falling In Love With You- UB40

-------Acoustic Stuff------

Margaritaville- J. Buffet

One- U2

Don't Dream it's over- C. House

Don't Come Around Here No More- T. Petty

You don't know how it feels- T. Petty

Take This Job Shove It- D. A. Coe

Time- R. Stones 

Wake up Call- Maroon5

Dead or alive- B. Jovi

Betterman- P. Jam

Tyler- Toadies

Possum Kingdom- Toadies

Simple Man- L. Skynrd

Hey Hey What Can I Say- L. Zeppelin

La Bamba/Twist N shout- R. Valens/Beatles

Kiss- Prince

Redemption Song- B. Marley 

Paint it black- R. Stones

Long-Haired Country Boy- C. Daniels

Breaking the Girl- RHCP

3 little Birds- B. Marley

Babylon- Sublime

Crazy- W. Nelson